Transferring from Blogger to WordPress

Transferring from Blogger to WordPress

My blog was growing so quickly, and I made the decision to move from Blogger to WordPress. I was pretty intimidated to try it myself, but I did it! I already owned my domain name, and it was connected to my blogger blog. So, I wanted to transfer my domain to my new host with minimal downtime!

I’m now on WordPress hosted by Siteground!

The folks at Siteground set me up with a temporary IP address so I could build my new blog while my old blog was still active. Once, I had created my new blog on WordPress, I was ready to transfer!

Step One: Export the blogger blog into a file on my PC! That was easy! You can find it under Settings->Other in blogger.

Step Two: Change my link structure! I wanted to preserve my permalink structure so that all the links out there would continue to work. You can change your WordPress link structure under Settings->Permalinks. This is the structure that matched my blogger posts: “/%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%.html” Step Three: Import the blog into WordPress! I used the Blogger Importer Extended plug-in. It brought over my posts, pages, images, and comments. I was really impressed. Step Four: Clean Up! I’d say over half of my posts transferred over 100% correctly. The others needed some help. The main issue was with the permalinks. Blogger would always cut the title off at the end of the word, and WordPress would cut in the middle of words. So, I had to add a character or two to some of the permalinks. Yes, this meant testing the permalinks on 80 posts! I also had issues with embedded content from Pinterest, InLinkz, and Rafflecopter. I had to recreate and paste the code back in. My images transferred over really well, as did my comments. I’ll still be on the lookout for broken links in the coming weeks.

Step Five: Transfer my domain. My domain was held by Google and I wanted to move it to Siteground, so I would have everything in one place. I needed to unlock my domain with Google and get an authorization code in order to initiate the transfer. I got confirmation e-mails from the new and old hosts that I had to confirm before it would proceed. This was really quick (I’d say less than an hour), but seemed to take forever!

Step Six: Change my DNS. I had help with this! Once my domain transfer was completed, I contacted Siteground and they adjusted my DNS to point to my new site. My new blog was live!

Total downtime was less than one hour! And, my new blog looks so much neater and more organized!

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