Tips to Strengthen Your Marriage While Raising Kids

Tips to Strengthen Your Marriage While Raising Kids

Having kids really does change the dynamics of a family unit, but it doesn’t have to ruin your marriage. Learning new ways to strengthen your marriage while raising kids will ensure that you keep your bond together while dealing with the ever-changing lives of your kids. Today I’m featuring a few tips to strengthen your marriage while raising kids so that you can feel better together and keep that marital bond strong through all the stages of raising kids together.

Have Date Nights at Home Try to schedule a date night at home for just the two of you after the kids go to sleep. Check out these ideas to bond with your spouse at home.

Switch up Chores It can become quite mundane when each of you do the same chores every day or week. Try switching out chores so that your partner does a chore that you normally do a few times a month. Ask the kids to help with the chores, too, to free up more of your own time. It’s also great to surprise your spouse by doing a task they normally do during a particularly tough week.

Do Something New Gather up the kids and try something new every couple of months as a family unit. This will keep the family bond solid and help strengthen your marriage as you work together to plan a new activity that the entire family can experience together. Our family likes to sneak away for a long weekend once every few months.

Fight Smarter All marriages have disagreements, but it’s not worth a huge fight over. Learn to fight smarter and practice saying “I hear you” more often than not. This will ensure you both communicate effectively and feel the bond of marriage grow stronger.

Be Affectionate Make time to cuddle up together and enjoy each other’s physical company. Many married couples get so busy raising the kids and working a job that they neglect to realize that affection matters. Take time each day to hold your partner’s hand, give them a hug, and a kiss no matter what.

Go to Bed Early or Sleep In When your kids start to get older you can work to strengthen your marriage by sneaking off to an earlier bedtime on weekends while letting your older kids hold the fort down. Older kids can easily be trusted to have their own later bedtime while you and your partner get some extra sleep. On weekends, set out granola bars or cereal to allow yourselves a few extra minutes of sleep.

There are many ways you can work to strengthen your marriage while raising kids. The true key is to take time to show each other that you still matter. Small gestures like affection, switching chores or having a game date night at home can make all the difference in staying reunited as a happily married couple while raising kids.

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