Staying clean at the park with The Grubby! [Review]

Staying clean at the park with The Grubby! [Review]

When I was contacted about the Grubby, I was so excited! With a name like the Grubby, they clearly knew my children well! This is a lightweight coverall suit to keep your babies and toddlers clean while they get messy! They sent me a free Grubby for Rebekka to try out and I have 5 more to give to my awesome readers. Hooray! I’m kind of a neat freak. So, I have always been hesitant to let my little one crawl around at the playground. She would ruin her outfits by tearing up her knees and getting filthy. The Grubby stops that from happening. I just wish they had come up with it quicker! I would have totally used one of these when my older kids were little, too!

Here’s the description from the packaging: “The Grubby is a lightweight highly water-resistant coverall for babies and toddlers. The Grubby is designed to be worn over a child’s clothing while he or she plays outside in damp weather. The Grubby is great for crawlers and early walkers as they explore the wonders of the sandbox, wet or muddy grassy areas, damp wood chips, turf play surfaces, wet swings, and much more!”

My daughter is 13 months old and she put the Grubby to the test! I love how it comes in its own little bag. I’m keeping ours in the car so I always have it handy! The Grubby is also handy to have for art projects, messy meals, and lots of other messes you run into on a daily basis!

My daughter crawled around the playground equipment, used the swings, and played in the grass. She stayed clean, dry, and happy! Bye, bye grass stains and wet bottoms! She was thrilled to be able to join in the fun with the big kids!

She crawls a lot by shuffling one leg on the ground. It really is funny to watch but hard on the knees. The Grubby held up to her best moves! I like that the velcro pieces that keep the back closed are large and stay stuck!

There is elastic around the wrists and ankles. The ankles also snap to help make the getting it on/off process easier.

Most importantly, it seems really durable. The knee area is double-thick fabric, so it shouldn’t wear through too quickly.

The Grubby wipes down really easily and is machine washable. Sizes are from 6 to 24 months, and they come in three colors!

To learn more, go to the Amazon product page or connect with The Grubby on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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