Potty Training Tips: 15 Moms Share Their Secrets

Potty Training Tips: 15 Moms Share Their Secrets

Potty Training can be tough! I’ve collected the best potty training tips from real moms who have been there! It’s a wild ride with a few inevitable setbacks, but keep your eye on the prize: no more diapers!

When to Start Potty Training

This depends so much on when the child is actually ready, along with other circumstances like travel. It will happen eventually. It’s important to stay positive and pay attention to the signals your child is giving you.

From Christine of The Choosy Mommy “Unfortunately I don’t have the answer as to when you should really start to potty train. But what I can tell you is to watch and learn from your child.” Read her full post When Should You Start Potty Training?

From Kimberly of Team Cartwright “I think there is a lot of pressure to train early. There is nothing wrong with that, but there are benefits to training a little later. And it’s okay if your child either isn’t ready to train or if life throws things at you making training the last thing you want to do.” Read her full post 6 Positives to Late Potty Training

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