Cleaning With Your Child: Motivating Children to Clean Around the House

Cleaning With Your Child: Motivating Children to Clean Around the House

With the rise in high-tech gadgets used by the kids of today, it can be hard to motivate your children to do work around the house. Sometimes, it might even seem they are unwilling and unmotivated to complete daily chores and house cleaning activities. But don’t be alarmed, this is a normal struggle for many parents in today’s day and age. If you work together as a family (both parents and children) to find the right motives for completing housework, your children will become responsible enough to maintain their home and learn life skills that carry on far past their younger years.

1. Give Out Allowances/Rewards

For most parents, simply telling their kids to do work or a chore around the house is easy enough. But for the times they’re moody or unwilling to help out, instituting an allowance of some kind can motivate them. Sometimes kids need a direct goal or incentive to shoot for when doing work around the house. This gives them a better thought to concentrate on when doing work. Some great examples you could use in daily situations include $5 to take the trash, $15 to vacuum the downstairs, and others.

2. Do Something for Them

The first thing kids will think about when presented with a chore is, “what’s in it for me?” Simply telling them to clean the dishes without a direct benefit might not be enough to motivate them. But, if you step out as a parent and offer to do something for your kids after they complete work, this might give them that motivation to complete the chores. This gives them the idea “Hey, my mom’s working on something for me, so let’s do something for her.” This lesson teaches your kids to give back to someone who helps them out in the future and makes chores seem more meaningful.

3. Give Them Freedom After Chores

If you work a deal out with your children before the work is done, they’ll have something to think about while doing the chores. Kids are motivated best when they can see what comes next after the work instead of being caught up in what all has to be done. So, for example, if you tell your kids to sweep and wash the floor but allow them to play video games for a while afterward, they’ll get motivated. Your kids will begin to see chores not as a huge task but rather as a necessity to everyday life that can be taken care of with little thought and effort.

So, it is possible to turn even the most reluctant kids into daily responsible family members who do the necessary chores that make your home clean and functioning. This will instill greater responsibility skills into your children while giving you a break from doing everything. For more cleaning help for your family, you can also head over to

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