AC Lens Caught My Eye

AC Lens Caught My Eye

Recently, while out and about, I’ve been noticing some super cute glasses on complete strangers. It’s come to the point where I compliment them on their nice frames as they walk by! Which probably makes them feel great, but feels a little rushed as you are going in opposite directions. 🙂 I knew it was time to take the plunge and go get some new glasses. Yet, going to the store to buy new glasses sounded pretty time consuming for a mom of a little baby. Then, I found AC Lens online!! Quickly browsing 100s of designer frames at reasonable prices, choosing packages to meet my needs, and being treated like royalty through their customer care, made a usually painful task painless. I’m really digging my new fall look and can’t wait to use AC Lens for all of my other eye needs. Here’s why I would use their services again:

365 Guarantee

With AC Lens, I wasn’t concerned about ordering eyeglasses over the Internet because of their 365 Day No Questions Guarantee. That means that they will replace your glasses or remake your lenses and ship with to you for no additional charge. For me, this provides piece of mind that is usually difficult to find with so many online businesses.

In-House Lab

This aspect of AC Lens is incredible! Nothing is worse than needing new glasses and waiting weeks for the glasses to arrive. Since they have an in-house lab, their turnaround time is extremely fast. I received them in 8 days from the day I ordered them.

Designer brands at discount prices

Browsing their website for frames was incredibly exciting for me because I love shopping! There were at least 30 frames that I was interested in. They carry all the best designer brands at very reasonable prices. Do you love Vera Bradley, Ray Ban, Spy Optics, and Roxy? I do!

Great lens packages

You might be wondering if the lenses are lower quality since they offer discounted prices. Rest easy, there are a few different packages, but all have stellar lens features. You can choose single vision lenses for everyday wear or progressive bifocal lenses if you also need glasses for reading.

Then you pick a package! Right now, their Gold Package, which includes polycarbonate lenses with a scratch-resistant coating, is included for free! I chose their Platinum Package because I have a high prescription and wear my glasses all day long. The lenses in this package are the UltraThins. Their final package involves Transitions lenses.

You can customize your glasses instead, if you’d prefer, by choosing standard plastic lenses, polycarbonate lenses, UltraThin hi-index lenses, or Transitions polycarbonate lenses. If you go this route, you can choose whether you want anti-reflective, scratch-resistant, and/or UV coating and if you’d like special finishing!

They’ll call the doc

When I submitted my order, I scanned in my contact prescription because I had misplaced my glasses prescription. AC Lens offered to contact my optometrist for me! Of course, I was ecstatic that they would do this for me. How awesome is that? When I mentioned that I received my glasses in 8
days that included the time they spent collecting the information that I didn’t provide from the optometrist. Can you imagine how fast it would have been had I provided my glasses prescription!? Talk about customer care!

They don’t just sell prescription eyewear!

Non-RX Glasses: Maybe you don’t have a prescription, but love the look of glasses. There are so many attractive frames to try.

Sunglasses: Update your outdoors look by changing up your sunglasses. Browse AC Lens sunglasses to see if something catches your eye.

Contacts: Buy your contacts from them as well! Why not make it easier on yourself and buy your glasses and contacts in the same place. Cut back on time sending, scanning, or uploading your prescription to multiple businesses.

Many other products: One product that I am looking forward to ordering is a pair of prescription goggles! Typically I swim in contacts, but it’s probably not that great for my eyes and I hate losing them in the pool.

Special Reader Discount

I have a coupon code to share with you! The discount code INF10 is valid for 10% off any size order and is valid through 11/30/16. Enter it during checkout at the AC Lens website!

What type of frame from AC Lens would complete your fall look?

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